How much spending is enough, Betty?

In the spirit of my Simple Questions For Progressives series, I have a question for Congresswoman Betty Sutton: how do you decide whether any given government spending proposal is too big? My best guess is that the only “bad spending” in your book is military spending; I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I’d love to hear if you have ever voted against a non-DoD spending bill since your election in 2006, and if so, why you voted “no.”
Nichole Reynolds, please tell your boss I’ll post the entirety of her response here, unedited. I know your office reads this blog.

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  1. Will Betty Sutton oppose Obama’s terrorist stimulus?

    Look, Congresswoman Sutton, I know you’re not exactly renowned for your fiscal discipline, but can you at least muster an objection to giving a $400,000,000 terrorist stimulus package to Hamas? The United States will contribute…

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