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    The American Future Fund put out a very good add. I was pumping my fist in the truck on my way to work. Although I must be honest and agree with you that the chance she listens to anyone calling her is very very very small.
    This is the first time in a long time I’ve looked at your blog. It’s quite good, keep up the good work!
    As far as health care goes…I will vote to repeal the bill if it goes through, and to work on meaningful reform in the system. I signed the “Club for Growth” plegde and I will be sending it in as soon as I get my two witnesses.
    As for Betty..Well…what is there to say really? I will tell you and your readers, since most will not be aware of what is happening on the bluer side of the isle, Republicans and Independants are not the only ones who have been the target of her contemptious behavior. In fact she’s burned quite a few bridges in the last 4 years, and is closer to losing her seat than ever before. I think this is good news for OH 13, if the right candidate replaces her. I will say that I have met two of the individuals on the red side of the isle, and Jason Meade is a good man. I don’t know and haven’t met Bill Haney, but I hear he is also an upstanding citizen. This is in direct contrast to the other Republican I have had the MISfortune of meeting. Mr. Ganley. God help us if our choice is Sutton vs. Ganley. I don’t hear anything good about the man from people he’s worked with, and people who have worked for him. He does NOT have a good name in business, and frankly, I think HE thinks that a congressional seat is beneath him.
    Keep in mind this is coming from a Democrat, but I have a more than sneaking suspicion that he’s a progressive/compromiser masquerading as a conservative hero. I was at a meeting with him and where we had an impromptu..quasi debate in Lorain. He did not come off too well in my and many others opinions. The worst part is the only time he gave specifics, it was a little scarry. He touts his experience as a businessman and spouted his plan to “bring jobs back”. It was basically the same, if not somewhat larger than the progressives plan. Tax credits for hirings. NEWSFLASH….Businesses hire people because BUSINESS IS GOOD…not in the hope that the economy turns around. They hire when they can’t possibly deal with the demands for their goods/services with the workforce they have. Businesses will not hire someone when they get a $5000 tax credit when that person costs them $30000 a year, and after that year, they may have to lay them off and then their unemployment tax rates go up.
    Well I will be checking in from time to time, Alo!
    Singing off,
    Justin Wooden
    Democrat for Congress
    Ohio’s 13th Congressional District

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