Time Warner Cable sucks

Here I sit, trying to watch the premiere of “The Pacific” on HBO, and the signal from Time Warner Cable is hitching, pausing, and pixelated. I signed up for HBO on Thursday just for this. I’ve been calling customer support all day to demand assistance. The response?

Gee, sorry, our computers are down. Try rebooting your box. Besides, we’re working on the “outage” and things should be fine by tomorrow.

Fail. This is what monopolies get you.
11:55 PM Update: This is almost exactly what it looks like. I’ll try to record my own video soon.

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  1. I work for TWC. I’m not proud of it, but I have to eat and the economy is such that there are not a lot of jobs available for techs in my area.
    The service does suck. It sucks majorly. Some of the problems include (but not limited to) over utilization. This happens when there are more people trying to watch television than there is room for on the “pipes”. Also, the infrastructure is outdated and can not push a signal out that will give you a quality picture. You have crapped plugged into $5 power strips, and due to the cost of this, it won’t get fixed…EVER.
    Also, you have upper management that are telling the techs to lie. We are told to tell the consumer anything to get them off the phone. Make them think we care, then get screamed at again! Don’t you dare go to the bathroom unless it is your break time, and we may need to take your break back from you. if you are a minority, then you are dead, you are scum to them. If you try hard, you’ll be condemned. If you dare tell a customer the truth, you’ll lose your job.
    So yes, it sucks. But don’t take it out on the peson answering the phone, they are trying to help,

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