List of Democrats undecided on Obamacare

Courtesy of, here’s the list of undecided Democrat Congressmen to call and voice your opposition to Obamacare. Melt the phones, people. This is the left’s best chance to turn America into a socialist banana republic. Stop them!

US Representative District Office Capitol Hill Office
Adler, John (732) 608-7235 (202) 225-4765
Altmire, Jason (724) 378-0928 (202) 225-2565
Baird, Brian (360) 352-9768 (202) 225-3536
Berry, Marion (870) 972-4600 (202) 225-4076
Boucher, Rick (540) 628-1145 (202) 225-3861
Carney, Christopher (570) 585-9988 (202) 225-3731
Chandler, Ben (859) 219-1366 (202) 225-4706
Dahlkemper, Kathy (814) 456-2038 (202) 225-5406
Driehaus, Steve (513) 684-2723 (202) 225-2216
Ellsworth, Brad (812) 465-6484 (202) 225-4636
Foster, Bill (630) 406-1114 (202) 225-2976
Giffords, Gabrielle (520) 881-3588 (202) 225-2542
Gordon, Bart (615) 896-1986 (202) 225-4231
Hill, Baron (812) 336-3000 (202) 225-5315
Kilroy, Mary Jo (614) 294-2196 (202) 225-2015
Murphy, Patrick (215) 826-1963 (202) 225-4276
Nye, Glenn (757) 789-5092 (202) 225-4215
Perriello, Tom (434) 293-9631 (202) 225-4711
Pomeroy, Earl (701) 235-9760 (202) 225-2611
Salazar, John (719) 543-8200 (202) 225-4761
Schauer, Mark (517) 780-9075 (202) 225-6276
Space, Zack (740) 779-1636 (202) 225-6265
Teague, Harry (575) 622-4178 (202) 225-2365
Wilson, Charlie (740) 533-9423 (202) 225-5705

In case the site is down (it’s been swamped by traffic), here’s what the home page says:

Obama yelling

There’s Still Time To Act. What Are You Waiting For?

Don’t believe Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi when you hear them saying they’ve got the votes to pass their monstrosity of a health care reform bill.
This fight is NOT over.
At this very moment, targeted Democrats in the House of Representatives are sweating bullets, trying to decide how they’re going to vote this weekend.
They’ve been reading polls like this one — polls that prove to them that in their very own districts, their constituents are opposed to a government takeover of health care.
They’ve been on the receiving end of millions of dollars of advertisements from the special interests.
As of Friday afternoon, President Obama and Speaker Pelosi are still several votes short.
You still have time to make your views known, and make your voice heard.
And don’t think that just because you’ve called YOUR Member of Congress and let him or her know what you think, your work is through.
The vote of a Congressman in Pennsylvania or a Congresswoman in Ohio WILL impact your life, and our nation’s future, no matter WHERE you live.
So call them. Call ALL of them on the target list below.
Call their district offices first, then call their Capitol Hill offices.
Be polite, but be firm. Ask them to please vote to kill the bill.
Send them back to the drawing board, to put together health care reform we can ALL support.
Because there’s NO interest more special than YOURS.

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  1. Text of the latest Obamacare bill (Updated)

    3/19 Update: Get off your butt and pick up the phone. Call every undecided Democrat before it’s too late! —- The text of the monstrosity that is the Obamacare bill will supposedly be released…

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