ACORN document dump coming?

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell recently filed a tax lien against ACORN for $548,000:

The subpoenas from Caldwell, served last month, became widely known this week. They were served on the former chief of ACORN, Wade Rathke, who now runs the offshoot Acorn International, as well as Whitney Bank, where ACORN keeps its accounts.
The subpoenas seek a broad range of information since 1998 from ACORN and what the documents say are 361 related tax-exempt and non-tax-exempt organizations:

  • All W-2 tax income reports and 1099 tax filings issued
  • A list of every employee
  • All state and federal tax returns
  • Organizational charts for every affiliate
  • All audited financial statements
  • Documents related to the theft of nearly $1 million by Rathke’s brother, Dale Rathke, who worked in the organization

Here’s a brief write-up by The Pelican Institute for Public Policy:

ACORN Tax Lien in Lousiana
I simply cannot wait to see what this subpoena unearths. There’s a backlog of decades of scum and dirty dealings in ACORN’s past, and I am close to 100% certain that some of it will tie directly to Barack Obama’s involvement with the group in the 1990s.
Of course, that’s assuming that ACORN and company haven’t already destroyed the incriminating records. Which is a big assumption.

  1. Ohio Attorney General Rich Cordray could take a few lessons from the Louisiana Attorney General.
    Here’s a couple reasons regarding employee grievances against ACORN Ohio filed with the US Department of Labor (2008-09):
    1) ACORN Ohio was found to be violating DOL Wage and Hour laws related to paying appropriate overtime to employees.
    2) ACORN Ohio was found to be violating DOL Safety & Health laws related to their Columbus offices at Mt Vernon Plaza.
    The above was just the tip of the iceberg of what I witnessed at the Columbus office while working for two ACORN subsidiaries named Citizens Services, Inc and Project Vote.
    First, in my opinion, ACORN Ohio violated elections and campaign finance laws by contracting to work for the Obama for President campaign which didn’t comply with laws set regarding political involvement of non-profit organizations. I don’t care if ACORN did it under the guise of Citizen’s Services Inc. The exact same management structure supervised Obama campaign work that supervised ACORN work. Also, the work was organized and initiated in ACORN’s Columbus office.
    Also, I witnessed numerous cases of voter registration fraud by ACORN employees. However, I also witnessed ACORN Ohio’s management diligently trying to weed out Canvassers and Team Leaders who were perpetuating the fraud.
    Finally in my opinion, the most disturbing issues in ACORN’s Columbus office was the open and obvious nepotism regarding family and friends of head organizer Barbara Clark (go to below link for photo of Barbara Clark at Progress Ohio).
    Barbara Clark regularly hired, promoted and gave unjust benefits to many of her family members and friends (with taxpayers money). There were numerous family and friends of Ms. Clark who only showed-up when ACORN regional or national managers were there. Also, it was noticeable that a few people only showed-up on payday and based on my observation, they never did a minute of work. Co-workers and I called these people the “ghost-workers.”
    I observed the fact that my supervisor was fired just after trying to do the right thing by correcting and/or exposing the above problems and others. Thus, in my opinion, my supervisor was fired for arbitrary and/or bogus reasons.
    With all of the above in mind, it didn’t take long for me to walk out the ACORN Ohio door… never to return (with echoes of the “take this job and shove it” song playing in my head)

  2. President Obama “favors investigation into ACORN’s activities”
    This federal action should encourage Ohio Attorney General Rich Cordray to investigate ACORN Ohio similar to how the Louisiana Attorney General is investigating in the state where ACORN is based.

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