Gov’t health care always results in rationing

Jonah Goldberg explains:

Under the plan discussed at President Obama’s infomercial-esqe town halls, America would cut costs and expand coverage while avoiding rationing. Apparently, it’s paranoid to think that’s too good to be true.
Imagine you’re in charge of bringing pie to a company picnic. You’re planning to provide dessert for 100 people. Then, your boss says you need to hand out pie to 150. Fine, you say, I’ll make more pies. But — oh no! — you can’t, because you’ve also been told costs must go down. Okay, then you can cut slices of the existing pies smaller so everyone can have a piece. Wait! You can’t do that either, because you’re not allowed to ration (i.e., give less to more).
According to Obama, the health-care pie will be sliced into more pieces, of equal or greater size than available now, for less money — all because government is so much better than the private sector at managing large projects.

But … but … it doesn’t matter if government-provided health care has always resulted in such a conundrum! Obamacare is new and different! It will run on rainbows and unicorn farts, which will allow the program to defy the laws of economics! Surely this time it’ll work!!

  1. One word: France.
    There is no healthcare rationing in France. Arrogant Frenchmen would not tolerate it, they would start burning cars in the streets and stuff again, like they do every other time the government does stuff they don’t like.
    Explain France, please.
    One word: Medicare.
    Medicare is government-provided healthcare. Medicare does not ration. Please explain how this can be, since you say government-provided healthcare always rations?
    Hmm. Okay, I gave you two examples of government-provided healthcare that don’t ration. Care to retract your blanket statement now? Or are you just going to put your hands in your ears and say “I hear no-think! I see no-think!” like Sgt. Shultz?
    – Badtux the Healthcare Penguin

  2. Medicare rations its services. France rations its health care.
    No government can meet its citizens’ unlimited demand for a limited resource. Health care is a limited resource that people want in unlimited amounts. Government can’t meet the demand for health care. QED
    It’s called scarcity, genius. Magic doesn’t work in the real world, even if you’re an Obamunist.

  3. All healthcare is rationed. In the U.S. we ration healthcare based on the ability to pay. I would rather have healthcare rationed based on medical need.

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