Betty Sutton read the bill

I had a pleasant phone conversation yesterday afternoon with Nichole Reynolds, Chief of Staff for Rep. Betty Sutton (D-OH), my Congresswoman here in the 13th District. Ms. Reynolds confirmed that her boss read the entire text of the cap-and-trade bill (a.k.a. “Waxman-Markey”) herself before she voted “yes” back on June 26th. Ms. Reynolds stressed that as a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Betty was deeply involved in drafting the bill right from the start.
It’s refreshing to find that my Congresswoman took her job seriously enough to actually read the ridiculously long bill, which is more than many of her colleagues can claim. It remains to be seen how she’ll respond to questions from her constituents during the August recess. I’d bet a tidy pile of cash that she’ll catch some flak, since the word’s getting out that the bill will result in utter economic disaster if it becomes law.
At least I found a pony in this pile, albeit a very small one: no matter what happens, Betty Sutton can’t say “oops, I didn’t know that was in the bill.”

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  1. Betty Sutton is just another democratic crony. She is voting on everything that will destroy our great country, Healthcare the energy bill. If she truly read that bill and had any sense she would not of voted for it, it is clear to see it will cost us the average people more and will destroy business. Betty Sutton will not get mine or my families vote again she does not have the people of Ohio’s best interest at heart she does have big goverment interest at heart though. She has a big section on her site about ethics, I ask you if she if so big on ethics why has she not voted for HR1207 to audit the Fed? Shes a joke.

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