1. So here’s a question. Will you also call those who shares his views evil, hateful, and contemptible piece of scum? You know, the guy would have fit right in at a Palin mob rally this past fall.
    Or will you wait until someone who shares radical right views shoots someone dead to make these statements.
    Once someone shoots and kills someone it’s pretty easy to jump on the bandwagon of contempt. Doing so before they do because of their racist, bigoted views is much harder.
    Which will you choose?

  2. Eric, I’ve always been a philo-semite. I despise neo-nazis, skinheads, communists, anarchists, etc. What in the world leads you to believe otherwise?
    Spare me the “Palin mob” cracks. You want a thuggish mob? Look at some of your fellow travelers on the left.

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