On the loss of $800+ worth of plants

I just caught the lawn care company applying Round-Up to every plant under 2′ tall in my beds. Just lost $400+ of wildflowers, perennials, baby shrubs, and any large plants hit by the windblown spray. No wonder last year’s starts (also $400+) all died too.
I’m drafting an itemized bill now. If they refuse to reimburse me, they’ll learn how foolish it is to pick a fight with someone who buys bandwidth by the megabit.

  1. Mind a couple of questions? Why are you, or at least your kids, not doing your own lawn work? There is no way I’d let a typical “lawn care” crew near my home and loved ones.
    Or are you a slow pay and they made a mistake accidentally on purpose?

  2. I pay my bills on time, I have no kids, I’m not married, I’m paralyzed from the waist down, and I live in a development with a homeowners’ association that contracts out for landscaping/maintenance. Plus, I happen to be a nice guy; I’m so easygoing that I don’t get offended by obnoxious anonymous assholes who leave textual poo smears on my blog.
    Your turn, princess.

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