Video: severed spines, broken bones treated with nanofibers

Dr. Samuel Stupp and Dr. Ramille Capito explain their research in the field of Bionanotechnology and its contributions to regenerative medicine:

I’m a C-6 quad due to a diving accident in 1998, so this research fascinates me. What’s even better is that no embryonic stem cell research is involved.

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  2. Hey Alo, it looks like you left the front door open and some crazy walked in.
    I didn’t know when your accident happened. 1998 – wow.
    With the strides they are making in the nanotech and the huge leaps in the electronic interface for nerves/robotics, I hope to see spinal injuries and traumatic amputations loose their sting.

  3. Is he saying that even old injuries could be healed? That would be such a miracle!

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