Obama's definition of "shameful" expenditures


Courtesy of MSDNC MSNBC:

President Barack Obama issued a withering critique Thursday of Wall Street corporate behavior, calling it "the height of irresponsibility" for Wall Street employees to be paid more than $18 billion in bonuses last year while their financial sector was crumbling.

"It is shameful," Obama said from the Oval Office. "And part of what we're going to need is for the folks on Wall Street who are asking for help to show some restraint, and show some discipline, and show some sense of responsibility."

If I've got this "new Obama math" right, paying out $18 billion in executive bonuses is the height of irresponsibility, but spending $1.2 trillion in government pork is a fiscally justifiable use of taxpayer funds.

Am I on track, Mr. President?

PigHmmm. Big numbers are hard to grasp. Maybe if I represented each $1,000,000,000 with a fat little pig, I'd be able to get a better handle on things. Yes, that sounds good.


Shameful             Restrained stimulus



It all makes sense to me now! How silly of me to question The Obamessiah.


10:00 PM update: Flip Pidot and I are on the same wavelength.

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All 1.2 trillion is pork? Is that what you are contending Alo? Are you officially insane?

So the entire military budget - PORK. Tell that to the great men and women of our armed forces you un-American communist pig! SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!

The pig idea was a great idea, but um...

Which part of the "stimulus", pray tell, covers something military-related that doesn't properly belong in a defense appropriations bill? Let's talk specifics, shall we?

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