Hillary in New Hampshire

Despite how ill I feel about Hillary’s victory in NH (then again, the idea of any sort of democrat victory makes me ill) I have to say, she does know how to work her constituency. She knows the #1 liberal law: no one deserves to get anywhere professionally without some sort of personal suffering. Her sham marriage aside, Hillary’s tears moved voters to recognizing how sad her life is and gave her a pity vote. Wow.

Alo adds: I couldn’t resist tacking this cartoon onto your post.
Live Free or Cry

  1. Wouldn’t you rather see her campaign survive awhile longer? The more money she and Obama burn up in the primaries, the less the winner will have on hand for the general election.
    Besides, I’m not too keen on facing Obama.

  2. Hitlery will lead America to become a European state. Plz dont let it happen

  3. Either Hillary or Obama would be a bad, bad president. But I want them to batter each other severely between now and their convention.

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