Why the jihadis hate us: Exhibit A

I give you this year’s Folsom Street Fair, held in San Francisco and sponsored by the Miller Brewing Company. Be warned … clicking the image below will take you to a citizen photojournalist’s site that documents the blatant and unrestrained sex acts that took place in public and in full view of children and on-duty uniformed police. This is not safe for work, and frankly not safe for a full stomach:
Folsom Street Fair
While our troops go in harm’s way to advance America’s security and bring liberty to millions, these homegrown fringe nuts engage in public sexual bacchanals on the streets of San Francisco and hand our sworn enemies a precious P.R. gift. Is it any wonder that jihadist savages draw new recruits with propaganda that says only shari’a law can prevent flamboyant drag queens and aggressive leather fetishists from running rampant on their own streets? “This is what America stands for”, say Ayman Zawahiri and Muqtada al-Sadr and Hassan Nasrallah. Their recruits need only see photographs like these for words like “liberty” and “freedom” to sound like synonyms for “license” and “debauchery.”
I worry that we Americans have lost our collective moral spine. The Folsom Street Fair should make us hang our heads in shame. Can we no longer see the difference between right and wrong? If events like these continue they will end up causing more attacks on all of us. Don’t the Folsom Street crazies understand that the jihadis would kill them all if given the chance?
Hat tip: Michelle Malkin. I’m done drinking Miller Genuine Draft. Pass me some Thirsty Dog.


Palomino! Palomino!

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