Three defense questions for Sutton, Brown and Voinovich (UPDATED)

Here are three questions I just posed to my U.S. Representative and both of my U.S. Senators:

  1. Will you condemn’s full-page ad slandering General David Petraeus as “General Betray Us” and claiming that he is “cooking the books for the White House”? See
  2. Are America and political Islam (a.k.a. “sharia”) at war? If so, should America seek to achieve anything more than dismantling al Qaeda and capturing/killing Osama bin Laden?
  3. Should America forcibly crush and discredit political Islam (a.k.a. “sharia”) while preserving individual Muslims’ right to worship peacefully? If so, how? If not, what will the consequences be for America?

I submitted each question simultaneously to Representative Betty Sutton, Senator George Voinovich, and Senator Sherrod Brown via their web sites. It’ll be interesting to read their responses … assuming that they reply, of course. Betty Sutton’s not exactly a paragon of virtue when it comes to answering questions (especially the last two). George Voinovich has a habit of ignoring uncomfortable inquiries as well.
Sherrod Brown’s a different story though; for all my strong disagreements with him on practically every possible issue, he’s extremely responsive. When he was my Representative his office responded promptly to every question I submitted through his web site, even though my stance was clearly conservative. My hat’s off to Senator Brown and his staff, and I’m confident that he’ll reply promptly this time too.
The race is on. Tune in for updates.

Update 1: I have a hunch that Ohio’s junior Senator will be reluctant to condemn today’s slander, since spent $25,899 to help elect Senator Brown.
Update 2: Perhaps we should ask different questions. Good point. Who is the anonymous Senator working with
Update 3: Whoa. I’ve been digging through’s finances for the 2006 election cycle, and there are some eye-popping numbers to discuss. Stay tuned for a big post.
Update 4: Here ya go. Follow the money.
Update 5: Senator Brown replied. Sort of.

  1. I’m just writing this to be sure that we’re on the same page here:
    You do know that not all Ohio Democrats even follow Moveon, yes? And do you know that not all Ohio Democrats get the NYT? And you do know that even if we follow Moveon and/or get the NYT, we don’t give them much credence, or – we’re able to discern when they’ve gone awry.
    You ask very fair questions. But your generalization about “Ohio Democrats” just isn’t fair. I really believe you know better and would almost venture to say that I know you know better.
    Now – how you work in the fact that Democrats aren’t monolithic, I don’t know. Maybe you, you know, just write that.
    Seriously. I get emails from and delete all of them. I also get emails from the Buckeye Institute and the Family Research Council and myriad other think tanks and orgs across the spectrum.
    But that’s because I gather what they’re doing and saying. Nothing more.
    I know you can’t write a disclaimer in every post but I wish people across the political spectrum gave more thought to whether these generalization help or hurt moving forward.

  2. Which generalization about Ohio Democrats are you referring to, Jill?

  3. I must have put this comment on the wrong post! One of your posts on this topic said something like you wanted to know what “Ohio Democrats” think or supported or something. Oooo – you have me at a bad time! My server has been up and down all day – I am not myself!! I’ll see if I can figure out which of your posts it was – in the meantime – did you post this from the comment I left or from what I emailed you?

  4. I published your previous comment and not your e-mail. I took Sunday off so I didn’t see the moderation queue until early this morning.

  5. I’m having some real trouble here!! Sorry. Ok – here’s the post I believe I meant to leave the comment on. I seem to have a lot of trouble loading and navigating this blog for some reason.

  6. Aha! No wonder I didn’t remember posting what you described. My buddy and (much more liberal) co-blogger TooShort wrote that particular post. I’ll tell him you’re awaiting a response.
    E-mail me if you’d like his e-mail address.

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