Now that HillaryCare is published, I hope all Americans will clue into how ridiculous her plan is.  This might be fun for American Health Choices Plan proponents: an ‘apple to apple comparison’: HillaryCare to Wal-Mart: BIG COMPANY (big companies are good, right libs? oh, wait government doesn’t qualify as a government), AVAILABLE (they will both be everywhere with long lines), AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE (consistently low prices, and lousy quality).  But then again, we all know how much liberals love Wal-Mart, so I’ll have to think of a new comparison…

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  1. C’mon, now. It’s not about pesky details like track records and logic and facts.
    What’s important is that not having health insurance is a bad thing, and HillaryCare promises to give you health insurance paid for by rich people, which is a good thing.
    Feeling warm and fuzzy is where it’s at. Facts are for those Rethuglican ‘tards.

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