1. Here’s a comment for you(Twas Time To Move On Political Society)
    FUCK YOU!!!!
    This country is strong because of people like me who served there country(Six Yrs USMC Infantry), what have you given up??
    Go live in europe or fucking mexico, you socialist piece of shit!!! I wish we would have droped some more A-bombs on those bastards!

  2. Hey devil dog…you got it wrong bro…this is an example of Satire…they’re trying to show that if we had the same mentality in WWII that we seem to have now, we would’ve seen this kind of flyer during WWII. It’s making fun of those people, now, who say things like “america is in an unwinnable war, George Bush lied and people died.” etc. Semper Fi, bro and thank you for your service.

  3. I think we need to bring back some of those old ideals from WWII, Kucinich would be shot and or hung as a traitor. We need less politicians and lawyers, and more logical thinking like yours Bob. Love your show

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