“Freedom For Today” debt reduction scam

A company called Freedom For Today just called me a few minutes ago and offered me software that will supposedly reduce my credit card debt and boost my credit rating. As annoying as such telemarketing calls are to begin with, this one really got under my skin.
The recorded message sounds almost like it might be coming from your bank’s collections department, calling with a “final notice” that you need to act upon. Unless you overcome your alarm and surprise at hearing the phrases “credit card” and “final notice” in the same sentence, you won’t realize it’s not your bank on the other end of the line.
Worse still, the recording does not identify the source of the call. You have to press 1 to get a human on the line, and it takes some aggressive questioning to get the company’s name. But wait. There’s more.
My phone number’s been on the National Do Not Call Registry since July 1st, 2005. By calling me, this telemarketer violated the Federal Trade Commission’s updated Telemarketing Sales Rule. After verifying that my phone number is on the list, I filed a complaint with the FTC against Freedom For Today.
When Freedom For Today calls you, please do what I did and help keep scams like this under control. I’m a big supporter of free markets, and to ensure that our capitalist system runs smoothly the feds do need to stamp out scams like these. It’s one of the few things that the federal government should do more of.

12:05 PM 9/11/07 Update: Unbelievable. They just called again. Time to file another complaint.

  1. I too just got called by Freedom for Today. I am also on the Do Not Call list and this is the forth time they have called me. After the recorded message, I did talk with a live person. I tried to get enough info to identify who they actually were. But as soon as I started asking for details on who they were, they hung up on me.
    So this time I played along with them pretending I had credit card debt, etc. At one point, while FFT had me on hold, I called the fraud department at Chase Bank on my cell phone. They recorded the call between me and Freedom for Today.
    I now have FFT’s address, phone number, etc. I will be suing them for violating the Do Not Call Laws. Chase said they will supply me with the recording so I can use it in court.
    FFT tried really hard to get the 3 digit number on the back of my card but I would not give it. I did give FFT my real CC# and expiration date but then had Chase close the account immediately and issue a new card, so FFT cannot charge the $799.00 they said they would charge me.
    If enough people sue them, it might help shut them down. Here is the info I have on them:
    Freedom for Today
    Resolution Center
    1583 E. Silverstar Rd.
    Suite 310
    Ocoee, FL 34761
    Phone 1 888 879-7001
    My email address is tenblo0@hotmail.com if you want to contact me about this.

  2. Here is a letter to the Editor of the Berkeley Daily Planet on the subject of FREEDOM FOR TODAY.
    Editors, Daily Planet:
    I was aroused by a 9 a.m. call Saturday that was a recorded message saying this was the last time to reduce my credit card whatever to 6.9 percent, get protection, who knows. No identification, so I pressed one to speak to a “relationship manager.” When I asked who was calling me, he said “Freedom for Today,” representing 51,000 service something or others.
    When I asked him why they didn’t identify themselves, he answered: “You didn’t have to answer the phone.”
    I replied: “It’s time for you to move to Iraq.”
    He hung up.
    No e-mail listing for “Freedom for Today.” The problem, of course, they know who I am, but I don’t know who they are.
    Arnie Passman

  3. Is Freedom For Today a true scam. They charged $599 to my credit card. I still am not sure if it is a scam or is for real. Please reply. Thanks Julie

  4. My fiance was hired by Freedom For Today and was told it was a “credit card debt consolidation” place. He worked for two weeks with the promise of pay, and they never paid him! I’m still wondering how to get them to pay him the $700 they owe him.
    It nearly makes me want to publish the “boss'” phone number.

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