Michael Vick

Michael Vick oh Michael Vick.  Some enormously paid pro-football quarterback set his mind to dog fighting in his spare time with his disposable income.  Gross.  Someone revoke his license to own pets…if only such a thing existed.  Rather this fool is slapped with federal felony charges.  So he pled to some random marginally related charge and may face time in prison.

So let me get this straight…abortionists run amok in this country; pro-choice supporters are hailed as American heroes.  Baby killing OK.  Dog killing worthy of ruining a career and sending the offender to prison. 

So goes arbitrary values in our society….

  1. 1. At least women have a choice as to what they do with their bodies
    2. The dogs Vic was fighting had none
    3. Quit trying to justify this idiots actions on the back of somthing else
    4. Vic is sic

  2. Michael, you misunderstood her. She’s not justifying what Vick did. She’s pointing out the backward values we Americans have. We quickly get worked up over animal cruelty while blithely ignoring human cruelty. Both are bad, but it’s still a lot like complaining about a paper cut on your finger when you’ve just had your leg hacked off.

  3. Here’s more on screwy priorities for your consideration.

  4. Vic should pay to board his dogs for the rest of their lives. Why when an owner is arrested for abuse do the dogs get the worst of the deal?

  5. Way to go Michael Murphy; I couldn’t have said it better myself. The sick, sleazy overpaid jock needs to go away behind bars and have the key thrown away, or better yet, throw HIM into a pit full of dogs and have them tear his face up JUST LIKE HE HAD DONE TO DOGS! How can ANY of you idiots justify his sick cruelty??

  6. Here we go again, People choosing animals over humans. Everytime i read an article about a dog that attacks someone, the owner always blames the victem and not his 200lb pitbull. shame.

  7. I don’t blame victims of pit bull attacks, but I don’t blame vicious pit bulls for attacking people either. They’ve been trained to be vicious by unscrupulous owners. The breed is not inherently evil.
    My family bought a pit bull when I was 6 months old, and I lived with that dog until he died at 16. He was friendly, cheerful, and not aggressive. The only time he ever displayed any aggression at all occurred whenever someone else’s dog showed aggression first (growling, baring teeth, snapping, etc.). Our dog never ever instigated anything.
    I’ll grant that you never want to anger a pit bull, including ours. Although he was sweet and mild-mannered, he was also utterly unafraid of anything. On the few occasions when another dog displayed aggression, our dog instantly lunged for the aggressor’s throat. No growling, no bristling, no warning. That’s why whenever my dad took him for walks, he had a steel choke chain around our dog’s neck at all times and the leash was made of braided heavy-duty nylon that looked like a small mooring line. If you train a pit bull authoritatively when he’s a pup and take reasonable precautions when he interacts with other dogs, you’ll have no problems.
    One of these days I’ll post my memories of just how easy-going our pit bull was. He put up with some real indignities at the hands of three toddlers in a row over the course of his life, and he took it all in stride.

  8. mrlu2u you absolutely do not have a clue!! Of course there bad dogs…usually at the hands of there owners…You, of course, know there are bad humans as well, like michael vick. I would trust a dog over a human any day. This person needs to be put away for a very long long time. Look at all the dogs that have saved many lives, those that assist the handicapped and blind! Your comment about choosing animals over humans? You should reword your thoughs and comments to “choosing good over evil”! Numerous studies have been done about those in prison for murder and other terrible crimes, the one thing they do have in common is they abused animals when they were young. Why don’t you look at the whole picture!

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