Virginia Tech massacre: preventable?

Mike Kinsey explains how armed students and faculty at Virginia Tech could have stopped the shooter … if only Virginia Tech hadn’t been a gun free zone.
Incidentally, where was this “Asian” shooter from? I wonder if he was Pakistani or Indonesian? Was he a muslim? I haven’t seen anything to suggest that he is, but the silence of the Virginia authorities on those points leaves me wondering. After all, over the last few years Sudden Jihad Syndrome has been picking up steam.

Update: Michelle Malkin rounds up the best of the breaking news.
Update 2: Something to think about: what do you have the right to keep and bear?

  1. Well, yeah. I’ve been wondering the same thing. The incredible silence on this particular question makes me wonder all the more….

  2. Frankly, I’ll be surprised if he wasn’t a muslim.

  3. Chicago Sun Times is reporting that he was a Chinese national on a student visa.

  4. Shooter was Chinese exchange student, April 16 1989 was the first day of protests in Tiananmen Square, he appeared to maybe be commemorating weirdly….

  5. Virginia Tech massacre: preventable?

    “Who’s to blame?” is a common question floating around the blogosphere. It seems that many people really want to blame someone for this, but can’t really find anyone. No one is to blame for this incident. The left wing nut-job d…

  6. now you are surprised that he was not muslim, not pakistani nor indonesian? oh man, you are so sick fundamentalist!

  7. Frankly, yes, I am surprised. Muslims are statistically speaking much more of a threat than non-muslim South Korean exchange students. You can’t honestly say I’m sick for seeing the obvious. It’s staring you in the face. Islam is still the biggest problem we face.

    Tell me, are you a muslim?

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