The logical response to the Virginia Tech massacre

I’ve pondered whether to carry a concealed pistol long enough. It’s legal in Ohio now. By the end of April, I resolve to find a good local shooting range and start putting rounds on target. By the end of May I resolve to take the required firearms safety course and submit all of the paperwork for a concealed carry permit.
There will be no repeat of the Virginia Tech massacre if I am in range.

Update: Hog On Ice says it even more bluntly. The victims were doomed by the gun ban.
4/18 Update: I’m having success with pulling together a group of friends to come with me to a local range in the next week or two. So far, I’m the only guy. Here’s to women who are interested in self-defense and who refuse to be afraid of guns!
Also, check out Michelle Malkin’s latest on NRO, “Wanted: A Culture of Self-Defense”

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  1. I agree with you to a point. I defintely feel safer knowing I’m around other legally armed people. However, I don’t think having a thousand armed students on campus is necessarily the pragmatic thing to do, especially in certain situation…e.g., sporting events, on campus concerts, etc…
    The dorm shootings couldn’t be stopped by CW rights being extended onto campus, and while agree that the death count would not be 32 with those extended CW rights, the death toll would also not be 32 if the university and local law enforcement had kept the lockdown in effect for more than an hour after the first shootings.
    Thanks for the comment…Talk to you later.

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