The wrong response to the Virginia Tech massacre

Here’s a perfect example of emoting instead of thinking, brought to you by TigerHill:

Allowing students to carry guns would not prevent the first shooting. Allowing students to carry guns would not prevent the second shootings [sic]. One off-kilter man with a gun can kill a person more [sic] matter what you do. Futhermore, the more realistic measure to prevent the second wave of shootings seems to be strengthened and continued lockdown after the first shootings.

One off-kilter man with a gun can kill a person, no matter what you do. But if he’s surrounded by people who also have guns, the off-kilter man will never get a chance to kill 33 people.

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  1. Anonymous

    Well, I’m sorry you disagree with me, and I’m sorry for the grammatical error in my post. It’s been fixed. I still think students carrying guns on campus is not the best response. I have a CW license in Texas…I had one in Tennesse as well. Futhermore, I believe in my constitutional right to bear arms. I just don’t think schools and universities should apply for public safety reasons. Yes, this psycho wouldn’t have killed 32 if a few thousand students were armed. However, if the university and local law enforcement would have taken the threat more seriously after the first shooting, we wouldn’t have 32 dead either.

  2. chrys

    Nailed again! After living in the D.C. area and watching the murders pile up with their extremely strict “no gun” policy – where is the true “brain power” (shavings) in our nation. IF no one knew who had a gun (or not) they’d be less likely to let go!

  3. Dr BLT

    I appreciate this blog post.
    I am a university instructor from California and I’m also a singer/songwriter.
    This new tribute song is going out to friends, family, faculty and others directly impacted by the terrible massacre at Virginia Tech.
    Virginia’s Tears
    Dr BLT
    words and music by Dr Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT (c)2007
    Your profound loss weighs heavy on my heart and mind, and on the hearts and minds of my students.

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