UN Security Council inflicts wrist slap on North Korea

Yesterday the UN Security Council unanimously passed toothless sanctions against North Korea:

The resolution demands North Korea eliminate all its nuclear weapons but expressly rules out military action against the country, a demand by the Russians and Chinese. Bolton warned Pyongyang, however, that if it continues pursuing nuclear weapons, the U.S. would seek further measures.

Great. This is the international equivalent of saying: “Stop, or I’ll tell you to stop again.”

  1. Hey now! Let’s be fair! They put meaningful sanctions on North Korea such as prohibiting the sale of certain alcoholic beverages to Pingyong. That will certainly cause the communists to not only give up their nuclear program, but also their militaristic, communist grip over that country in mere weeks. You just wait…and wait…and wait…and wait…

  2. Unfortunately, the Security Council’s resolution will not induce North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons program nor its missile program. The North Korean government has demonstrated time and again that it will lie, cheat and ignore the will of the world to further its goal of developing nuclear weapons it can deliver with ballistic missiles.
    The only thing that can force North Korea to give up its defiance of the world is Chinese pressure. North Korea is dependent upon China for food and fuel. Only by China withholding those items supplied by China and necessary for the survival of the North Korean state will North Korea be forced to give up its missile and nuclear weapons programs.

  3. Makes me think of a political cartoon I saw not too long ago. It was what would happen if the Dems win…they would bomb the Middle East with pillows.

  4. Hence, see Coast Guard special ops, below. 🙂

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