More Strickland rumors

The Pullins Report just posted news of two new rumors that, if true, will doom Ted Strickland’s candidacy.
Scott Pullins’ disclaimer:

WARNING – As I stated above, these are entirely rumors at this point with no substantiation whatsoever! We have requested records from Shawnee State University and the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility and will report if and when we obtain further information.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Update: Something’s been bugging me awhile. I agree with Paul at Newshound that if the Blackwell campaign makes an issue of Strickland’s sexual orientation (and whether his celebratory trip to Italy was a “tryst”), then it would be crossing the line into territorry marked “Here Be Scumminess.” I hope Blackwell knows better.

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  1. It’s disappointing to see Ohio Politics get so dirty.
    The late John Ashbrook frequently told me that “when you throw mud, you lose ground.”
    But Ashbrook ran his campaigns in an era where politics were relatively tame compared to today.
    The Democrats have so poisoned the well of political discourse the past six years and the bile they have dumped in the well is now coming back to bite them.
    C’est la vie!

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