Slinging the “islamophobe” label

Nobody has any control over things like the country they’re born in, their sex, or their race, but a person’s religious beliefs do not fall into that same category. Believing in Islam is something a person chooses to do.
Keep that distinction in mind when you read Dean Esmay’s challenge to Michelle Malkin and other conservatives for their alleged islamophobia. Don’t miss Michelle’s response, as well as retorts by The Jawa Report, Bryan Preston, Donald Sensing, and Dean’s own wife Rosemary Esmay.

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  1. The Malkin Throwdown; Esmay Misidentifies Enemy as ‘Terror’ Confusion Understandable; Bush Does the Same

    There’s a link on Instapundit to Dean’s World, where blogger Dean Esmay throws down a challenge to Michelle Malkin: “Prove your recognition of Muslims who resist the jihad.”
    Esmay’s challenge was made directly to Michelle …

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