Hordes of retired generals clamor for Rumsfeld’s head. Or something.

Two retired Army Major Generals, John Batiste and Paul Eaton, showed up on Capitol Hill again yesterday to grandstand for the cameras and demand that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld resign.
Sound familiar? Yep, we’ve been here before. The Senate Democratic Policy Committee meeting was not an actual Senate committee meeting. Only one Republican showed up, and he wasn’t even a Senator. What was Representative Walter Jones of North Carolina doing there, I wonder?
At any rate, allow me to refresh everyone’s memory about the deafening chorus of retired generals and admirals calling for Rummy’s head. The folks in blue represent the five or six identified gadflies, multiplied by two because I’m feeling generous. The folks in green represent all of the other retired flag officers.
< img src="http://www.brainshavings.com/images/20men.gif" width="93" height="62" border="0">
Of course, I’m being unfair. I failed to mention that Generals Batiste and Eaton had retired Colonel T.X. Hammes sitting beside them.

Feel better now, Democrats?

  1. Loved the graphics! 😉

  2. Once again, the point is being missed here. I don’t care what a general who retired in 1984 thinks of the war in Iraq or whether Donald Rumsfeld should resign. I do care that the general who led the 1st Infantry Division on the ground in Iraq and the general who was in charge of training the Iraqi Military Forces over the past three years have both stood up to call for Rumsfeld’s head. Paul Eaton stated “Rumsfeld has put the Pentagon at the mercy of his ego, his Cold Warrior’s view of the world and his unrealistic confidence in technology to replace manpower. As a result, the US Army finds itself severely undermanned – cut to 10 active divisions but asked by the administration to support a foreign policy that requires at least 12 or 14.” This isn’t politics talking, it is a retired general who is attempting to stem the wounds the military is taking because of this SecDef’s failed policy. The Army is losing its next generation of leadership because the NCOs and Captains are leaving as quickly as possible to avoid redeployment to Iraq for their second, third or even fourth tour(at least during Vietnam, a soldier only had to go once involuntarily). The majority of the Active Duty military leadership stands silent because they cannot comment, but there is nothing that would please them more than to lose Rumsfeld and get a SecDef that truly understands the military and will listen to their Generals on how to execute a war rather than preach to them how they expect it to be handled. Trust me, I know what John Batiste stands for from being in Germany while 1st ID was assigned there. He is a straight shooter who will do anything for his troops, including call for the head of civilian leadership who puts troops in harms way to prove a point about reorganization. There is a reason Rumsfeld was known as a “CEO Axe-Man” in the corporate world before becoming SecDef.

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