Israel is squandering its opportunity

International (and American) support for Israel’s “air war only” strategy won’t last long, especially after the Qana tragedy. It’s long past time for the Israeli Army to invade Lebanon with overwhelming force and finish Hezbollah while the opportunity remains.
Update: AP says Israel has swung back toward the harsher end of the retaliation scale:

Israel’s Security Cabinet approved widening the ground offensive Tuesday, a participant said, and rejected a cease-fire until an international force is in place in Lebanon. The participant, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to reporters, said Israel’s airstrikes would resume “in full force” after a 48-hour suspension expires in another day.
The ground forces will move deep into southern Lebanon to the Litani River, about 18 miles north of the border, and hold on to the territory for several weeks until a multinational force can deploy there, a senior Israeli government official said Tuesday.

That’s better, but still not aggressive enough. Hezbollah will only stop fighting if it’s utterly crushed and humiliated. No mercy, folks. War is hell.

  1. Israel squandering its opportunity? I believe that WE are letting an opportunity pass.
    This is the time that we should be hitting Hezbollah (and Syria) rather than letting Israel do all the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, it looks as though Dubya is a bit shell-shocked by all the flack that has lately come his way, and has gone into prevent mode. (Also known as a good way to lose football games.)
    The best defense is a good offense. And we need have no moral hesitation; we owe Hezbollah a great debt. The number of deaths they have inflicted upon Americans runs well into the hundreds.
    An air attack on all Hezbollah institutions in Syria and a campaign against their supply lines ought to pay dividends, and I would personally support ground actions–in the form of raids–as well.

  2. Works for me. The much-vaunted “Arab Street” hates us anyway. What are we afraid of, making Iran unhappy?

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