A solution to morale problems on the home front

Blogging over at Hot Air, Allah collects a morose assortment of down-in-the-mouth quotes from conservative hawks disappointed about Iraq. His own take:

Why the despair and why now? Because, I think, of Israel’s predicament in Lebanon. Until last month, it could plausibly be argued that most problems in the war on terror (read: most problems in Iraq and Afghanistan) were the result of Bush’s mismanagement. Which, for conservatives, is hugely depressing in one way but hugely comforting in another: if your big problem is personnel, the solution is simple enough. All in due time. But if your problem is strategic, that’s not so easy. A lot of hawks, me included, have near-blind faith that Jewish genius and resilience will always carry Israel through when it’s beset by its enemies, but even the invincible IDF doesn’t seem to be making much headway against the jihad.

Add Yoni to the ranks of the Low Morale Brigade.
Look again at the cycle of jihad:

The cycle of jihad

The good guys appear to be neglecting the publicity, recruitment, and training efforts of our enemies. Plus, we’re not serious about cutting off state support for jihad (Iran and Syria and Saudi Arabia, I’m looking at you). The western world needs to stop worrying about offending the tender sensibilities of the Arab Street™. They’re going to hate us more if we become weak and irresolute.
To hell with political correctness and diplomatic kabuki dances. We are in a war. We need to kill more of the enemy, disrupt his recruitment and publicity efforts, openly confront Syria militarily, spend billions to support and grow Iran’s domestic opposition movement, and choke off Saudi money flowing to Islamist madrassas.
Update: Manny says “be of good cheer.” Amen.