Small town uses eminent domain to oust Wal-Mart

You live in a small town named Hercules and you like its charming, quaint look. Then Wal-Mart buys land in your town, invests $1 million to redesign the property to suit your town’s desires, and gets ready to build a new store. What’s a poor leftist to do? Why, just get the town council to seize the land.

Attorneys from Wal-Mart told the council that the retailer had spent close to $1 million to redesign the property to the community’s liking. They said the council couldn’t claim it was legally necessary to take the land and that the decision set a bad precedent.
“Today it may be Wal-Mart but the question is where does it end,” Wal-Mart attorney Edward G. Burg said.
City officials countered that buying the land was acceptable to ensure it was developed to the community’s liking and fit in with overall plans for the city.

Property rights? What property rights?
Here’s hoping Wal-Mart relocates its new store just outside the Hercules city limits.