What are the trends for U.S. deaths in Iraq?

I looked over the casualty statistics kept by the Iraq Coalition Casualties site, and decided to whip up two quick charts. The stats I focused on were the American military deaths per month during Operation Iraqi Freedom between March ’03 and March ’06.
First, the raw numbers:

Deaths per month

Next, to better follow the trends, here are the trailing averages for 6 months and 12 months:

Deaths per month, trailing averages

I’ll crunch more numbers if there’s enough demand for it, but for now this will do. People will look at these figures through their own political lenses, so for once I’ll refrain from immediately offering my conservative viewpoint. These are the numbers. Make of them what you will.

FYI (if you’re not a stats whiz) …
6-month trailing average: the average for the most recent six months.
12-month trailing average: the average for the most recent twelve months.

August 2006 update: revised figures