Urgent help needed to save a life

John Hawkins is asking for help to save the life of a hospitalized Houston woman who doesn’t want to die … but the hospital is hell-bent on removing her treatment. This one’s a real Catch-22 situation, so publicity will be essential to breaking the impasse.
Update: A life spared!

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  1. I sent emails to Channels 13 and 2 in Houston, informing them there will be a peaceful demonstration for saving the life of Andrea Clarke, to be held at 6PM on the evening of Monday May 1st.
    I have no idea whether they will announce this on the news, but please all, do everything you can to announce this in every possible Houston-facing venue possible!
    I have been amazed at the small amount of Houston air-time this story has been given, compared to that of the Terri Schiavo case. I don’t want to think that the reason has anything to do with the fact that St. Luke’s is an avid advertiser with both channel 2 and 13.
    In any case, plite but firm pressure is needed – please apply it liberally and often and as soon as possible.

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