TigerHawk: “stop whining about the price of gasoline”

TigerHawk is tired of hearing his fellow Americans complain about the price of gas at the pump:

People are evidently outraged over “high” gasoline prices — otherwise television personalities like O’Reilly and out-of-office politicians wouldn’t be beating the tom-toms about them. Who has not seen the tedious local news programs with stories about people pawning their heirlooms to buy gasoline? But isn’t this all so much idiocy? My assertion is this: however “high” gasoline prices may be by historical standards, gasoline remains a fantastic value. If it weren’t, then people would take obvious and simple steps to curtail their gasoline consumption. They don’t, because even at $3 per gallon they would rather burn gas than bear some other burden. Gas is so cheap that most Americans won’t do anything to conserve it.

Excellent analysis. You should definitely take two minutes and read the whole thing while you sip your $4/gallon Coca-Cola.