The silence is deafening

I’m not hearing anything from any Republican candidates in the 13th District except for Paul Burtzlaff (who I endorse). Is it because the other candidates have no money left? Or is their network of supporters and volunteers not up to making phone calls or sending out mailings? It looks like the other guys are riding it out until the primary on Tuesday.
Craig Foltin, the guy the Ohio GOP has anointed as their chosen moderate, did send a mailing to my parents this past week. They live in the district too, not far from me. But I’m a registered Republican, and I’ve seen nothing in the mail. Nor have I gotten a phone call. Ken Blackwell’s campaign found my phone number easily enough. Why haven’t Foltin’s people called?
Absent any serious effort from Foltin, he seems to be relying on a single issue to get himself elected by the Republican base: “Newspapers and Republican bigshots have endorsed me, so vote for me!”
Meanwhile, Burtzlaff and his volunteers have been making calls and sending out mailings. Here’s the introductory brochure that went out last week:

Here’s the Burtzlaff vs. Foltin comparison mailing that went out yesterday and today:

It’s nothing fancy; just an issue-by-issue comparison. But combine these targeted mailings with the Burtzlaff campaign’s phone banks and door-to-door stumping, and you’ve got a classic ground campaign for a U.S. House seat.
Could there be an upset in the offing? Stay tuned. I’ll have details from Paul Burtzlaff’s Meet The Bloggers session, and some more “inside baseball” stuff in the next couple of days.

  1. Having met and spoke with Paul tonight, I’m thinking the Foltin people should be/need to be putting a lot more effort into this primary.
    In reality, Foltin has nothing – Burtzlaff’s flier readily points that out. My blog archives readily point that out.
    Foltin’s a RINO. Paul seems, to me, to be the real deal.
    For what it’s worth, from someone who is center- left, with no hesitation, if I were GOP I’d be voting for Burtzlaff. And I mean that seriously.
    He’s sincere, he knows himself and has a much greater grasp of the issues important to center-right voters. He fearlessly Met the Bloggers, which is something Foltin refuses to do.
    I hope Paul does well, not only in this election, but in whatever he undertakes.
    Thanks too, to you sir for making this happen. Great to finally meet you.

  2. Scott,
    That’s very high praise indeed. I have a feeling he’s going to be full of suprises come Election Day, but even if 2006 isn’t meant to be, our congregation will still get to keep a fantastic pastor and leader.
    Please keep up the tough questions for Foltin (which I’ve been watching). Even if he winds up as our nominee, those concerns you’ve raised deserve answers.
    It was a pleasure meeting you and the rest of the MTB crew! You folks have really come up with a great idea here, and I have no doubt that it’ll continue to impact the races around Ohio. We bloggers may not be on Joe Everyman’s radar screen yet, but the movers and the shakers in politics and mass media are starting to pay attention.
    I hope I can make it to future sit-downs and carry the center-right banner from time to time.

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