General Zinni contradicts himself

Covering the “revolt of the generals” against SecDef Donald Rumsfeld, Fox News’ heavy hitter Brit Hume found two contradictory quotes from the revolt’s leader:

Former Clinton CENTCOM commander, Anthony Zinni � the most prominent of the retired generals attacking Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld � now says that, in the run-up to the war in Iraq, “What bothered me … [was that] I was hearing a depiction of the intelligence that didn’t fit what I knew. There was no solid proof, that I ever saw, that Saddam had WMD.”
But in early 2000, Zinni told Congress “Iraq remains the most significant near-term threat to U.S. interests in the Arabian Gulf region,” adding, “Iraq probably is continuing clandestine nuclear research, [and] retains stocks of chemical and biological munitions … Even if Baghdad reversed its course and surrendered all WMD capabilities, it retains scientific, technical, and industrial infrastructure to replace agents and munitions within weeks or months.”

Oops. This kind of thing tends to hurt one’s credibility.

  1. Let’s also remember that Zinni was in command during the Cole bombing, and was responsible for the rules of engagement which left the Cole effectively defenseless while in port. Of course, the captain of the ship bears plenty of responsibility, as well. After all, he was the one who foolishly obeyed orders that he had to know were faulty.
    Zinni has been a sort of apologist for the manipulative Ay-rabs all along. Perhaps he’s another of those whom the Saudis have befriended. He’s a pretty poor excuse for a Marine, in my opinion.

  2. I’m getting a little tired of these generals. This would never have happened in WWII. They should have voiced their opinions when they were in theatre (yea, right). Going out and doing this while other soldiers are still over there fighting is disgusting.
    And yes, they should get their story straight before they open their mouths. How embarassing!

  3. It only hurts your credibility if you are a Republican President or supporter. Never hurts if you are a Democrat. Zinni is a Dem. Nuff said?

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