SFC Paul Smith to receive Medal of Honor

Sergeant 1st Class Paul Smith will receive the Medal of Honor (posthumously) next month. For all Medal of Honor citations, see the incongruously-named Congressional Medal of Honor Society. There’s more general info at Wikipedia.
I’ll bet President Bush mentions Segreant Smith in his State of the Union address tonight.
Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

UPDATE: Can anybody tell me what the Medal of Honor Flag looks like?
UPDATE 2: A study in contrasts.

  1. The deserving Sgt Smith and his family deserve better than the ridicule being leveled at them by the Lefties. Read on, but be careful, it might make you mad.

  2. Reading Sgt. Smith’s story made me cry.
    It was so uplifting to read about a hero like him when these days it seems like America-haters get all the coverage.
    Afterwards, I wrote the following:
    True courage: Sgt. Paul Smith vs. Ward Churchill
    I hope you’ll forgive me for even putting those two names so close to each other.

  3. Sgt.Paul Smith speaks for the majority of
    the American soldiers,All give, Some give
    all…No doubt he would be a person to sit and
    have a beer with…As for Ward Churchill,well
    its nothing a size 12 in the right place can`t

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