1. Holy Cow! I mean, the kid was wrong, but he is 13. That certainly could have been handled with a LOT more tact. Someone did that to Backcountry Conservative, and he was nice about it. Heck, others have done it to me. That kind of thing gives us all a black eye.

  2. Yep. Always try to handle it privately, if possible.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Now, everyone seems to have a story about it. And most are not complementary towards Cheese and Crackers. Hopefully, Austin will come back and the blogosphere can educate him.

  4. I would be flattered if someone copied me. But then again, I’m flattered if someone says excuse me when they bump into me at the store, so I’m not a good person to ask about this. Great blog – found you on the homespun bloggers of which I recently joined. My blog isn’t informative or controversial, its a lot of hot air that tickles your face and rib cage. Come see me!

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