So they say they “support the troops”?

Every time I argue with some liberal who whines about the war in Iraq, they always feel compelled to mouth platitudes about supporting the troops no matter what. But after hundreds of incidents like this one, I have a reply.
I just created my own support-the-troops bumper sticker, which you can have for yourself by clicking on the image below.

Support the troops

Buy two and give one to a liberal relative or friend.

UPDATE: I knew it would hit a nerve. Check the comments here.

  1. Now that is well done!

  2. Get yourselves one of these.

    The Puddle Pirate at Brainshavings has a bumper sticker for you. The Armorer’s Chariot will soon be sporting one. So should yours!…

  3. Thanks, John. Anger can be good for creativity.

  4. There is some dissent in the ranks. You are cordially invited to come over and defend yourself.

  5. Incoming. Get small.

  6. Well done! That’s exactly the message that needs sent.

  7. Did you see the tussle over at Argghhh?

  8. great idea!

  9. Religion of Peace Roundup 1/26/05

    Brought to you by the Religion of Peas in a Can Council. After videotaping himself beheading civilians for the past year and a half and publicly proclaiming himself the head of al Qaeda in Iraq, the UN finally designates Abu…

  10. I like it.
    While we are on the subject of my bumber stickers, my favorite, seen while driving about Columbus:
    “I’ll Forgive Jane Fonda When the Jews Forgive Hitler.”
    Can you dig it?

  11. I’ll take two

    The Armorer’s Chariot of Argghhh! will be sporting one of these thanks to Brainshavings Curious? go check em out!…

  12. How about one that says “My way or the highway”? Since that’s largely the same sentiment.

  13. Uh, no. Read my comments here.

  14. Love the bumper sticker, going to buy 2 one for the momma mobile and one for the hubby’s office door at home for when he gets back from Iraq. Then he’ll know what I did with all his money while he was gone…snicker….

  15. Thanks a bunch. I’m always happy to help someone tweak the liberals.

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