Must … have … guitar …

Mark Anderson’s latest post at Poor Richard’s Almanac reawakens the guitar lust long dormant in my heart. I used to play before I got into an accident that paralyzed my fingers, but now I’m thinking about modifying a guitar to make it playable (perhaps in my lap, steel guitar style). Thanks for reminding me of the joys and frustrations of guitar shopping, Mark!
I see that Hugh Hewitt has chosen him as the Blog of the Month for January 2005. Bravo!

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  1. You may have wondered about my previous comments re. your blog format. the last time I visited it was readable. This p.m. I went to your site via IE and once again your posts went from far left to far right(superimposed over your two right columns) so
    I closed IE and went to your blog via Mosilla and
    once again I find three distict comumns with very readable posts. Sorry if I have had you shaking your head about who is that nut and what is she talking about.

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