Carnival of the Commies II

TigerHawk’s masochistic tendencies have resulted in another installment of his service to the right side of the blogosphere: Carnival of the Commies II. TigerHawk wades into the lefty blog cesspool so you don’t have to.

I wonder how anybody with a name that starts with “Tiger” manages to get into and out of a mob of leftist barking moonbats without being skinned?

Yeah, that disguise might work.

4 Replies to “Carnival of the Commies II”

  1. Villainous Company


    Moonbattery asks “What has been Kerry’s noblest gesture since losing the election?” Jack has the Second Carnival of the Commies up and running. This time, he went in stealth mode… Now let’s see… you’re a campus policeman. Unruly students leave…

  2. Jack

    “mild” Cass? Learning disability?
    There is a neighborhood in Hong Kong with the strange name “Mong Kok.” Bizarrely, it’s pronounced “Wong Kok” by the locals. It turns out that some colonial-era sign-painter flipped the first letter, and the British didn’t care enough to fix it.
    Get it?:)

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