Blog swarm gathers around Conyers

Captain Ed over at Captain’s Quarters may well be touching off a blog swarm around Michigan Democrat Congressman John Conyers, whose staff stands accused of taking charity Christmas turkeys and giving them to friends instead of to Detroit’s hungry and needy.
Conyers’ reaction to press inquiries? Silence.
If he keeps ignoring this story and the blogosphere goes nuclear, you’ll be seeing another demonstration of the power of the tail.
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  1. Drudge has a way with headlines

    One of today’s: REP. CONYERS (D-MI) OFFICE QUESTIONED ABOUT MISSING TURKEYS… You just have to love that. But the story isn’t so funny when you get into it: The director of a Detroit food bank wants to know what…

  2. A Tale of Turkeys

    Paul of Wizbang just e-mailed to draw my attention to John Conyers’ staff and the Case of the Purloined Turkeys.
    Utterly remarkable:The director of a Detroit food bank wants to know what happened to 60 turkeys — 720 pounds of frozen birds — that …

  3. You ain’t gonna believe this:

  4. Yeah, I just saw it too.

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  6. You mean his ENTIRE staff was involved? And he had SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT or KNEW ABOUT IT? If this is true, then it’s Spiro T. Agnew material. If it’s not… well, then his accusers will look pretty darn stupid.

  7. Perhaps Mr. Conyers has something to say.
    [crickets chirping]

  8. Big Stories of the Day…

    From what I can tell, the two biggest stories of the day were the following: (1) Ashlee Simpson sucking at the Orange Bowl You would think watching pop artists suffer in live primetime events would be par for the course…

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