Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge

In the spirit of Christmas, I bring you an opportunity to help a charity that both Left and Right can support, as described by Dean Esmay:

FOI Blogger ChallengeA non-profit, non-government group called Spirit of America has been working tirelessly for the last two years to try to help our fighting forces over there do more than fight. When those in our military have a project they’d like to work on to help the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, Spirit of America tries to make it happen for them.
Helping bring medical supplies and crop seeds to Afghanistan. Tools and training to help Iraqis who want to become tradesmen. Distributing schoolbooks. Even helping people set up Arabic-language weblogs so they can begin exploring the amazing world of the New Media.
It’s all entirely voluntary, and done without any government subsidy. But if any group of soldiers, marines, airmen, or sailors want to do something to help the people over there, the Spirit of America tries to make it happen.
Because ultimately, whether you thought going was the right thing or the wrong thing, isn’t trying to create peace and friendship something we should all hope to see happen?
A group of webloggers, humorously dubbing ourselves the “fighting fusileers for freedom” are holding a fundraising drive for the next two weeks to help the Spirit of America folks out. I’m a member of that group, and I encourage you to donate to the Spirit of America here.

Here’s the list of my teammates:

A note to my fellow Fighting Fusileers: OK, I admit I was a naughty blogger and procrastinated in linking to the inaugural fundraising post at Argghhh! or the sophomore effort at Dean’s World. As penance, I offer these often-smart-alecky graphics to help raise funds and taunt the opposition.


  1. Kelly

    Hee hee hee. I like those. Good job. I will also be generating some graphics this weekend if time permits. Thanks for letting the group steal from you – er SHARING WITH US!

  2. Myron L.

    Cheers to the honorable enemy, Hugh Hewitt, for linking here while refering to us “a band of stragglers with cameras” and “a gang of internet rabble.” Some of my rabble can be found here:
    Seeing how I’m probably the least read of the straggling rabble, I’m trying to supress the happiness I feel when Hugh Hewitt kinda,sorta blogs about me. But I haven’t forgot that he supports detaining kittens!

  3. Myron L.

    Cowboy Blob posted a .gif earlier today, showing a prominent member of the Northern Alliance holding a kitten as a hostage. As I believe the gif is at least “fake but accurate” I’m come to the realization that Hugh Hewitt supports groups who support the detainng of cute kittens.

  4. mitch

    How ARE those numbers shaping up, anyway?
    What? The Northern Alliance is $4K ahead? Wow – who’da thunk it? 🙂

  5. Aakash

    This looks pretty good… I will try to have my posts, belatedly linking to our teams’ entries, up very soon.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. She Who Will Be Obeyed!

    The Spirit of America Blog Challenge

    Spirit of America is a great way that you and I can help to support our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are several groups of bloggers who are competing to bring in the most donations to Spirit of America….

  7. the elder

    Your propaganda campaign appears to be bearing fruit. For the Northern Alliance that is. The gap now stands at over $5K. If you were to break it down in terms of percentage of money raised among our two teams it’s 72.64% for the NA and 27.36% for the CAFFF. I believe the term that all the kids are using these these days is, “You got served.”

  8. Puddle Pirate

    You realize this means our slander campaign will have to become even snarkier to compensate for our feelings of inferiority, don’t you?

  9. Myron L.

    From Fraters Libertas on Wed 01 Nov:
    “We’ve already been heavily promoting this very worthy cause, and so far the Northern Alliance team has raised over $6000.”
    So the Northern Alliance is behind Castle Argghh in actual donations made during the drive…