Ex-VP: Iran tortures bloggers

A former Vice President of Iran who runs his own blog just publicized a new round of allegations that Iranian government officials have been torturing dissident bloggers again. I say “allegations” because I can’t read Farsi, and I haven’t seen any news stories confirming the charges.
But it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.
I wonder if this isn’t being reported because CNN and friends have struck another sweetheart deal with a nasty regime, exchanging silence for permission to stay in-country? Time will tell.

  1. It’s not being reported because it could be used to support America’s war on terrorism. God forbid that the people at CNN ever show any hint of patriotism. But, patriotism is loathed on the left.
    Iran torturing those who oppose the government or the Mullahs isn’t new. Hopefully, though, it’ll soon be over.

  2. That’s always part of it, but remember the old news adage: “if it bleeds, it leads.” I’m suspicious about there being more here than we know.

  3. Of course it won’t be reported in the MSM, and especially not the Pain Dealer. They have too much “respect for third world cultures” to do that!

  4. I honestly think the Iranian government has mastered the technique of bluffing based on some imaginary nuclear weapon rumour. While every measure must be taken to assure people of Iran and the world that oil money is not being spent on development of nuclear WMD, the world must also notice that the Iranian gov could be exaggerating by deliberately giving away false information. In this way they will keep the mind of the world busy on the nuclear threat, and this gives them a lot of free time to do whatever they want, oppress intellectual movements, shut down all reformist movements, jail every journalist and recently bloggers. And because everyone is just worried about nukes, the main thing which is ‘reform’ and consequently ‘freedom’ will be lost.
    If western democracies are serious about helping Iranians, they should give “human rights record” and “nuclear deals” the same weight in the negotiations.
    A persian provern says “they offered death so you would be happy with a fever”. Our problem is the fever now, we need remedies i.e. international pressure for changes.

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