Where’d all the moonbats go?

Whatever happened to the breathless coverage of important news stories like the tons of missing ammo in Iraq? George Bush’s AWOL escapades and the documents that proved it? Karl Rove’s leaking of an undercover CIA operative’s name for political advantage? The Bush Administration’s reckless indifference to Richard Clarke’s prescient warnings about the imminent danger of a 9/11 attack? Bush’s nefarious backroom conspiracies in cahoots with the Saudi royal family and the bin Ladens?
Golly, I thought these were all Critically Important Stories™ that the public needed to know about in every detail. Suddenly, after November 2nd, things have gone quiet. I wonder why.

2 Replies to “Where’d all the moonbats go?”

  1. Chet

    Well, the American people seem to have proven beyond doubt that they simply don’t give a damn how incompetent and dishonest their president is, so what’s the point?
    At any rate, there’s all-new atrocities to be outraged about, like Congress Republicans changing the rules so that Tom DeLay won’t have to step down when he’s indicted by his state DA.

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