Step back and watch the fireworks

Ah, schadenfreude. The City of Cleveland, financially mismanaged for decades by liberals, decided a year or so ago to cut expenses and laid off a bunch of police, firefighters, and EMTs. Bob Beck and the rest of the leadership of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association is now considering whether to retaliate in the way every politician fears most: using the ballot box.

Cleveland police, hacked off because of layoffs, are planning to take out some frustration on Cleveland City Council. The police union’s executive board met this month to talk about a ballot issue to shrink council from 21 members to as few as seven. The full union is expected to vote on it Dec. 9 and firefighters may join in. “They abandoned the unions and were hypocrites, and they don’t expect this to happen?” asked union President Bob Beck.

I’m torn here. This is a fight between a labor union (ugh) and a liberal Democrat-dominated city council (ugh). Is there some way I can root against both sides?

  1. It’s funny how upset people can be when Democrats behave in a Republican fashion. When Cleveland had a majority of Republicans in City Hall they weren’t all that successful either. That city really needs some help, and soon. Cleveland has somehow been lost in a socio-economic time-warp with no foreseeable end in sight.

  2. Hey deadscot, the only time in the last 30 years when the city was able to get off it’s ass was when George Voinovich was mayor. As a matter of fact while he was mayor it was the only city in the country to be named an “All American City” three times. The city was almost all the way back and the morons that live in Cleveland elected a bunch of democrats to replace Voinovich.
    Oh, Puddle Pirate, you don’t have to root against either side, I’d put any money on the fact that they both manage to screw things up and make the situation worse than it was before they started.

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