Mexico looking for friends in Iran

Mexico’s making diplomatic overtures to the mullahs of Iran, which has me thinking.

Mexico is ready for expanding ties with Iran on all areas, notably in economy and trade, the deputy of Mexico’s foreign ministry for economic affairs, Irma Avriana said on Friday.
Speaking to the grand seminar on Irano-Mexican economic relations, Avriana said Iran was an important power in the Middle East and “we believe expanding ties with Iran will be in the interests of every country including Mexcio.”

Every country, Ms. Avriana?
I’ll be keeping an eye out for a subdued retraction from the quoted deputy or her superiors (they’ll want to be low-key about it for obvious reasons). If Mexico backtracks, it’ll likely be due to behind-the-scenes pressure from the Bush Administration. If there’s no retraction, and no objection from Bush, then consider the following.
According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, in 2003 we saw our southern border crossed by 266,469 loaded rail containers, 2,600,019 loaded trucks, 88,068,391 personal vehicles, 319,087 buses, and 48,663,773 pedestrians. Keep in mind that those statistics reflect the crossings we know about; there were lots more that we never detected.
Now picture a nuclear Iran that’s cozy with Mexico, with thousands of Iranian nationals busily working and living there. How difficult do you suppose it might be for our understaffed Border Patrol to detect a suitcase nuke being smuggled over the border?
Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

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  1. Coming on top of what looks to me like the Administration hurrying up to put yet another illegal alien amnesty in place, this is all we need.
    I voted GOP this year, there being no way in hell I could vote Democrat, but this is the sort of thing which had me holding my nose as I filled in the oval for the President.
    But we ought to remember that the last thing to emerge from Pandora’s Box was hope. Perhaps this will prompt Mr. Bush to treat the Republic of Mexico as what it is–an adversary nation, like the Communist Chinese.

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