Fishing for liberals

In an article just published by The Sentinel (a conservative publication at Ohio State University), conservative student columnist Stephen Dronen relates his encounter with volunteers conducting a Democrat voter registration drive … and his resulting experiment in liberal-baiting.

I took to the streets to see if my appearance had any bearing on their action. First dressing as I normally do; dressed in a pair of khaki chinos, a light blue Oxford, and a pair of brown Doc Martin�s, I entered the hostile territory. Not to my surprise, I walked right past the activists amidst a haze of “Stop the Bush Imperialists”, “No Blood for Oil”, and “Not My President”! It was as if they didn�t even see me.

The first phase of my testing was complete; they had failed to approach me during three opportunities. Enter phase two: undercover. Garbed in a borrowed Pearl Jam t-shirt, a set of torn jeans, a pair of Birkenstocks, some thick rimmed “emo” glasses, and the quintessential hemp jewelry, I returned to the scene of the crime. It is amazing how different the experience was, as I was double teamed from the second I entered the intersection where two hours earlier the same people failed to realize I was even in their presence.

It’s an entertaining read, so help yourself.
Hat tip: The Open End

  1. Not surprising at all. I’m a clean cut military vet, avid golfer, wearing mostly khakis and button down shirts and was ignored throughout the campaign by Bush supporters. Based on Stephan’s experience one could surmise that Bush campaigners had already counted me as one of their own and chose not expend resources in my direction.
    With a limited amount of time and resources, partisan groups are consistently looking for the lowest common denominator in order to pursue their minions. Yet another reason to remain Independent.

  2. I walked past a Donk table with my John Birch Society polo shirt once: big mistake. It was as if I had killed their homosexual lover… and their little dog, too.

  3. A JBS member? Odd, you should have fit right in. The dems are all for preventing this administration from torching the constitution.

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