Dispatches from Fallujah

The Green Side posts e-mails from a Marine just outside Fallujah who’s girding up to go in. It’s compelling reading, and I’ll be stopping by frequently while following the coming battle in the news.
An excerpt:

Once again, we are being asked by citizens who have fled the city to go in and take the city back. They are willing for us to literally rubble the place in order to kill the terrorists within. Don’t get me wrong, there are still many inside the town that support the terrorists and we cannot expect to be thanked publicly if we do take the city. There is a sense of de ja vu with the refugees telling us where their houses are and asking us to bomb them because the muj have taken them over. We heard the same thing in April only to end up letting the people down. Some no doubt have paid with their lives. The “good” people who may ultimately buy into a peaceful and prosperous Iraq are again asking us to do what we know must be done.
The Marines understand and are eager to get on with it. The only lingering fear in them is that we will be ordered to stop again. I don’t know if this is going to happen but if it happens soon, I will write you when its over,

For more background info on the coming battle and on Fallujah and the surrounding area, follow the links below.

Please pray for our Marines and soldiers about to go into battle, for their Iraqi comrades in arms, and for the good people of Fallujah. May the battle be swift, decisive, and final … and God willing, we’ll win.

UPDATE (11/7, 3:00 AM): An Iraqi Army captain deserted his post and fled, one day after receiving a full briefing on the Fallujah assault plan.
UPDATE (3:20 AM): Negotiations between the interim Iraqi government and the terrorists in Fallujah have broken down. As Marine artillery and aircraft pound the town, terrorists throughout Anbar Province have launched suicide attacks to relieve pressure on Fallujah. Meanwhile, our Marines blow off pre-assault steam with improvised chariot races, Ben Hur-style (photos here).
UPDATE (3:30 AM): The British government is backing the strike on Fallujah. The hardy Scotsmen of The Black Watch have recently moved up from Basra in the south to cover the Marines going in with the assault.
UPDATE (2:00 PM): The pressure’s been building since this morning’s very early updates. Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi has declared a 60-day state of emergency (meaning martial law) throughout the country. Marine Lt. Gen. John F. Sattler also delivered his pre-battle speech to the troops of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, and Sgt. Maj. Carlton W. Kent compared the coming battle to Iwo Jima and Korea. Meanwhile, the terrorists in Fallujah have invited western journalists to embed. Anybody that takes them up on the offer is a world-class fool.
UPDATE (8:45 PM): The battle has begun.

  1. Taking Back Fallujah

    Brain Shavings has a letter from a Marine about to go into Fallujah, it is quite telling. Much as I had expected, the terrorist have completely taken over Fallujah and the citizens have done what they can to leave. The citizens appear to be just as s…

  2. I just want to remind your readers to send some ‘thank yous’ and words of encouragement to our troops. I send a box of goodies a month to my old unit which is currently deployed in Iraq and they love to hear from home.
    The reason I bring this up is the that the mailing deadline for Christmas is fast approaching for the troops in Iraq. (Nov. 18) I know that when I was over there in ’91, games, magazines and junk food were like gold. Anyhow, it only takes a few minutes to pick up a card, write a note of thanks and let the best fighting force in the world know that we’re thinking of them. Not every soldier has family members looking out for him and it sucks to be away from home during the holidays.

  3. Amen to that. Time to go find a site or two that’ll make it easier for folks to do just that … I’ll report back soon.


    Thanks to Brain Shavings for introducing me through his blog to U.S. Marine Dave Bellon, who is posting letters to his dad from Fallujah online. Here’s an excerpt from his latest dispatch, dated Nov. 3: Dear Dad – As you…


    Thanks to Michelle Malkin for introducing me through her blog to U.S. Marine Dave Bellon, who is posting letters to

  6. Those fukking Marines are gonna be SLAUGHTERED! I can hardly wait to dine on their flesh!

  7. I din`t mean to be rude but you removed my prefectly nice post about Fallujah bridges. Now I am going to reveal my true opinion.
    I hope the Marines get massacred.

  8. I din`t mean to be rude but you removed my prefectly nice post about Fallujah bridges.

    What in the world are you talking about? I did no such thing.

    Now I am going to reveal my true opinion.
    I hope the Marines get massacred.

    That’s not funny.

  9. He’s confused. He posted that message in a different thread.

  10. Now I feel bad that I went easy on him in his other post. What an ass. It amazes me that someone outside of a terrorist cell could actually write something like that. I could almost show some understanding to a comment such as ‘I hope they get pushed back’ or something of that nature. I’d still want to clock him but I’d at least have some point of reference. That post was just in poor taste.

  11. He’s probably 13 and living at home with mommy.

  12. Actually that was Evil-Me. There was some misunderstanding. I apologise for the actions of Evil-Me. I am 22 and live with my mom, though :-). May our heavenly father protect the Marines. Semper fi!

  13. Somebody needs to get back on his meds.

  14. Dear Sir:
    LOVE your rules 🙂 found under Post a comment.
    It is about time decent thinking people began to stand up for themselves.
    Sam Lee Storkson


    Some excellent updates and links on the huge battle to retake what may be the worst terrorist city in the world. Civilians who leave are practically begging us to raze the city behind them. The danger, scale and intensity…

  16. All I can say is its about time…Turn those kids loose (I can say that as IM 65.5 )Bring on
    the A-10`s the AC130`S AND A LITTLE NAPALM
    WOULD BE NICE…weve hung back to long,drop
    the hammer and bring the folks home…As for
    the mindless one mabey you would like to meet
    Mr. ZARKAWRI,I think I could afford a plane
    Ticket for.you want to give it a shot??

  17. Good luck, Marines. My dad was a Marine, and when Bush brings back the draft, I guess I will be, too.

  18. Chet, I can’t really picture you as a Marine. What did you put on your ‘Selective Service’ card? 😉
    I’m wondering how long it will be until we’ll see some form of draft take place. I’m hoping that if things remain amicable in other countries we might be able to rebuild enough of the Iraqi force to allow us to prevent it. If some other skirmish breaks out in another part of the world, I really don’t see a way of avoiding some type of conscription.

  19. Guys, please stop worrying about a draft.

  20. Chet, I can’t really picture you as a Marine. What did you put on your ‘Selective Service’ card?
    You know, I honestly haven’t even seen a SS card since I did mine, lo those many years ago. Do you get to make a choice, or something? I’m sure I picked Marine, in the footsteps of my dad and his dad before him.
    But don’t let my insightful, introspective powers of rational discernment fool you. I’m a fairly martial type, as well. I’m a great shot and experienced in three different styles of sword combat. In the tradition of gentlemen of old, I’m a thinker and a fighter. (And a lover too, ladies, but I’m married.)
    All this talk reminds me of a great joke: What’s the sound of the shit hitting the fan? Mmmmrrreeeeennnn….

  21. Guys, please stop worrying about a draft.
    Yeah, it’s not like Presidents have ever asked the country to make sacrifices in wartime, now have they?
    I would think that even the most idiotic terrorist could realize the effect they could have on American perceptions of their own government with the simple act of precipitating another terrorist conflagration. Pinned down by a third front in the war on terror, the Administration would simply have no choice but to draft.
    The repercussions would be severe, and exactly what a terrorist would want. Getting Bush to start up the draft is exactly in their own self-interest, and the Republicans have made it abolutely clear that there is no front in the war on terror that they will ignore. They’d be constrained by their own election platform.

  22. Guys, please stop worrying about a draft.

    Yeah right, this administration has flipped more times than a trained dolphin at Sea World. I don’t foresee there ever being a draft in the same framework we had in the 60’s. However, I would be willing to bet that we’ll see some form of conscription before all of this is said and done with if things escalate. It will be overtly voluntary but borderline coercion.

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