Condi’s a Dawg

According to the L.A. Times, Condi Rice has a favorite NFL team:

Then there are the endless conversations about sports. Bush is omnivorous when it comes to sports, making a special point of rooting for Texas teams. Rice is a little more selective, preferring football — especially the Cleveland Browns, her team since childhood.

I like her even more now.
Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt


  1. deadscot

    Looks as if you’ve become a pretty large spam magnet. They get more creative everyday.
    As far as Condi and the Browns, that just shows she enjoys siding with under-achievers. 😉

  2. Puddle Pirate

    You oughta see how many comment spam attempts my blacklist kills before they reach the page.
    Don’t get me started about the Browns. They’re perpetually in search of an O line worth its salt. I’m pretty disappointed that the Jets (the JETS!!) beat us today. But I’m not surprised. Oh, well. Time to sing the Clevelander’s tired old refrain: “maybe next year.”