Terrorists murder Israelis in the Sinai

Terrorists have attacked and killed vacationing Israelis in the Egyptian Sinai in or near Taba with car bombs. So far, the front of the Hilton Taba Resort is gone. Stay on top of things with Google News.
Three explosions in different resorts, and at least 30 dead 36 dead.
10 floors of the hotel have collapsed, and the injury count stands at 114 wounded 120 wounded.
Results of the two smaller blasts at campgrounds in Ras Shitan: 4 dead.
IsraelInsider reports Arabs dancing in the streets in Gaza and Cairo (please explain to me again what we get in exchange for billions in foreign aid to Egypt). Hat tip: LGF
Jamaa Al-Islamiya Al-Alamiya (“World Islamist Group”) has claimed responsibility for the attacks. Hat tip: Digger
The Israeli military is on the scene and in command. On Egyptian soil. The IDF is also offering to evacuate any of the 12,000 – 15,000 Israelis in the Sinai who want to go home.
The tourists ignored a September 9th warning. I hope we heed ours.
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    I would note that today is the 60th anniversary of the Auschwitz uprising. Half a century after the Halocaust and Jews are still the victims of those that wish to see a final solution. UPDATES ONGOING: 23 Dead 29 DEAD…

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    BBC reports 23 are dead and that two other explosions took place in the area. The area in question is Taba.

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    Once again, the islamofascists continue to spread their blood-soaked love of allah across the globe.

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