1. I’m pro USA regardless of whose at the Helm. I’m all for a strong military but not for waste. Star Wars TRW’s & Raethon’s system does not work, neither does the Patriot system. The head of MIT confronted the backers of Star Wars and thats fallen on deaf ears burried somewhere while congress squanders our money. I trust neither side but I contempt prior to investigation is dangeous. Thank God and our people for the two party system and for our forefathers ideals.
    Yes, Freedom of the press is only intact if you own the medium…You are correct.
    Oliver Wendell Holmes said ” The only way the first ammendment is of value is if it protects the speech we hate” Let’s keep our eyes open here folks and seek the truth vs what we’d like to be the truth.

  2. Are you saying that Interceptor body armor is a waste of money?

  3. It’s mind-boggling to me that, after 4 centuries of armored warfare, we totally abandoned the technology – only to have to start again from first principles. It seems like we should have production lines of powered robot suits, like in Japanese anime, not only now discovering the usefulness of the god-damn gauntlet. Jesus.
    Yay for armor, but shouldn’t we be a little farther on this?

  4. I found this history of body armor enlightening. You might be interested in liquid body armor too.

  5. Neat stuff, PP, but why does it take so long to get this stuff on our troops?
    Could it have something to do with Bush’s military budget not including body armor for troops until Kerry and others made him put it in? Makes you think…

  6. It does make you think. I honestly don’t know why it takes so long to get this gear to the guys at the tip of the spear. Frankly, I don’t even know for sure how long it actually takes, nor how long is “too long.” I’m a Coast Guardsman, so the R&D and procurement process for the ground-pounders is kind of a mystery to me. Maybe my favorite artilleryman knows more.
    I’d like to see a comparison of procurement speed for body armor for each administration since 1945. It would somehow have to account for projects started under one President and ended under another. Until that info’s collected, I don’t think either of us has much to go on besides voting records and recorded statements.

  7. I honestly don’t know why it takes so long to get this gear to the guys at the tip of the spear.
    You’d think it would be priority one, you know? Instead of priority “let’s just forget about it – their parents will send them body armor anyway.”
    Oh, well.

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