Bleg: best pistol for concealed carry

A question for firearms experts: what pistol(s) do you recommend for a paraplegic with limited grip strength, who wants to carry a concealed weapon while in a manual wheelchair?
It’ll be carried in either a shoulder holster or a holster positioned in the small of the back. The jurisdiction is Ohio, so the rules & restrictions are not an issue. It should be relatively lightweight and easily concealable, of average reliablity (or better), with better-than-average stopping power, a caliber of .38 or larger, and shouldn’t be too hard to break down and clean. Magazine capacity, appearance and price tag are immaterial. Utility über alles.

UPDATE: I’ve re-opened the comments, now that Publicola and Say Uncle have chimed in (wish I’d noticed that sooner!). Thanks, folks. This helps alot!

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  1. SayUncle

    Gun advice

    I got an email asking about this post where a paraplegic in a manual wheelchair is seeking advice on what sort of carry gun he should buy. I figured I’d post my advice and direct readers over there to offer their own advice as well. The criteria are…

  2. ZendoDeb

    Guns need to fit your hand, the way shoes fit your foot. You can change grips on some firearms, to adjust, but really you need to try a few things to see what works for you.
    The revolver vs. semi-auto debate comes down (at the very core of the issue) to chocolate vs. vanilla. There is no accounting for taste. revolvers are simple, and fool proof. The trigger pull can be excessive in double action. Semiautomatic handguns have larger magazines, lighter trigger pull, and can go wrong in about a dozen ways.
    Go to a range that will rent you a gun – or borrow a friends for the day – and try several out.
    Then consider how you will conceal. A fanny pack is a good choice if you can keep it with you. A decent sized fanny pack will conceal a full size 1911, so size may not be an issue.

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